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DVD 200MM wide Receiver (fit for certain Toyota, & Lexus models)

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Perfect fit for certain Toyota, Lexus and Subaru models

The DMX718WBT is a 200MM wide receiver, which is the standard on many Toyota and Lexus models and also some newer Subaru models. In some models, it will fit the opening perfectly without needing to add spacers on either sides of the unit. Furthermore it also comes with standard Toyota type stereo harness which should plug in directly to the factory harness without the need for any modifications. In some cases, an antenna adapter, steering wheel plug adapter and USB adapter may be needed to connect to the stock connectors. It comes with the 28 pin steering wheel connector which should be standard for newer cars however this may not be the case for you. Please ask if unsure.

Waze Nav-App Solution via USB

Users of the navigation app Waze will be happy to learn that Kenwood has somewhat made this native, so the app will run direct on the unit. You will still need to connect your phone via USB though as Waze needs data to work.

Youtube App in Web Link

Finally, someone has enabled youtube app on the head unit. Take note that the interface is a little different and we had some issue searching videos. We will dig in further in the future.

Spotify Full Control

Control Spotify from your iPhone via USB/Bluetooth or from your Android via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes or explore new ones.

Full HD Video and Hi-res Audio Playback from USB devices

You can now play audio and video files in various formats from your USB device.

Video Codecs – Playable up to

  • MPEG4/H.264/MKV – 1920 x 1080
  • WMV – 640 x 480

Music CodecĀ – Playable up to

  • FLAC/ WAV – 96kHz / 24bit


USB Video Output to Rear Monitor

Max 1.5A quick charge for selected Android

Dual Camera Inputs and Parking Guide Line

Two camera supportĀ  for front and rear. Parking guide lines are built in and works for most standard cameras. Parking should no longer be stressful.

Direct OEM Steering Remote Control

Most Japanese and Korean makes will connect easily. However do take not some models may require an additional interface.

RGB Interface

Allows for aftermarket external GPS module to be connected if you need it.

1.0A charge for iPhone


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